15 Dec - Government decided to buy vegetables and fruits directly from the farmer.

The Ministry of Agriculture and the State Ministry of Grains yesterday(14 Dec) decided to expedite the implementation of one of the valuable alternatives selected after a number of observations and studies conducted by officials at the Ministry level in this regard.
Accordingly to farmers and consumers, the government decided to buy vegetables and fruits directly from farmers and sell them to traders at these economic centers. The pilot project will be based at the Narahenpita Center. It will be operational from next Monday. After that it was decided to expand to other economic centers.
Mr.Mahindananda Aluthgamage said that they gave instructions to the State Ministry to expedite the formation of a mechanism involving the District Secretaries and the Public Officers under it,the Agrarian Service Centers and their officials as well as the representatives of the Farmers Associations. The Secretary to the Ministry of State and other officials participated in this occasion.

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