Sri Lanka universities to be given more freedom

Sri Lanka’s universities should be given the freedom to change their curriculum to the needs of the country, as some of their courses do not fit the need of the economy, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said.

“Some of the courses taught in universities today are not in consonance with market requirements,” President Rajapaksa said in his inaugural speech to parliament.

“Universities and other higher education institutions should be given more freedom in the enrollment of students and in the restructuring of their syllabi to meet the needs of the marketplace.”

Sri Lanka’s education system is in crisis with tax-payer funded state universities spewing out thousands graduates with low quality degrees who cannot get a job in productive sector.

The state higher education system also has high quality universities and courses which are very much in demand.

But there has been no accountability for universities that turn out degree holders who cannot contribute to society, critics say.

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