Sri Lanka Catholic Cardinal invited to power project committee, opposes coal

Sri Lanka’s Catholic Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has been invited send a representative to power project committees after he complained about pollution from a power plant in the North East of the country which the church had opposed earlier.

Power Minister Mahinda Amaraweera had met the Cardinal December 23.

Cardinal Ranjith had complained that people in Kalpitiya were in difficulties due to the coal plants in Norochcholai and had asked not permit coal plants but build renewable power generators instead.

Sri Lanka has three Chinese built plants hurriedly built in in Norochcholai, after an earlier Japanese funded plant which was designed to be on planned specifications was cancelled after opposition from the Church.

Religious lobbies had also scuttled the first coal plant, industry analysts have said.

Diesel plants were also polluting the Cardinal had complained.

In addition to power sector experts, Minister Amaraweera had promised to include representatives from the clergy in future power project committee.

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