Sri Lanka will not re-negotiate commercial terms of Hambantota deal, only security: President

Sri Lanka is not looking to change commercial terms in an agreement with China over a port in Hambantota, but is only concerned about security and border control, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said.

“I am looking at what the security aspects of it is,” President Rajapaksa told foreign correspondents in Colombo.

“We want to see whether border control is with the sovereign government, like the Colombo Port.”

“We want to see whether that is with us.”

President Rajapaksa said a committee has been appointed to go into the agreement. A Chinese special envoy had already met him and they were agreeable to ensure security aspects, he said.

“It is not a re-negotiation. If there are things to add, we will add. Those are not commercial,” President Rajapaksa said.

“The commercial part is no problem. They have already already negotiated with the government, and they have come to an agreement. That commercial aspect I can’t change,”

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