Sri Lanka’s McLarens Holdings eye automobile component manufacture

Sri Lanka’s McLarens Holdings, a shipping sector player that has started an advanced engineering and productivity enhancement business is now planning to make automobile components, group chairman, Rohan De Silva said.

McLarens already making engineering and design related components, to boost productivity in Sri Lanka’s apparel industry.
The group’s innovations unit has developed technology that could almost doubling output in some factory machinery, he said, helping bring down costs.

McLaren’s innovations officer Ashan Amarasinghe, a specialist in advanced manufacturing, has been working with a team of engineers to boost productivity in factory machinery.

“We hired engineers and started innovating machinery for local industry by improving their current manufacturing capacity,” De Silva said.

“And we found that we could outsource these products to buyers overseas and locally.”

Top apparel groups which has factories in Sri Lanka and overseas has already ordered over 100 machines, he said.

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